Why Yagnya (Homa) is an Effective Remedy for Climate Change

Special effect due to Yajnya

(Here we use the terms Yajnya and Homa interchangeably)

Message from Shree Vasant Maheshwar, India 6 July 2008:
“Ancient tradition of Vedic knowledge states that due to performance of Yajnya
ÁPOORVA comes about. Apoorva means: ‘that which was not there before.’ Some special effect comes about: ‘something which was not there before.’

This means some special effect occurs due to Yajnya. The effect goes to the subatomic level. In Sanskrit, ‘Anu’ means ‘atom.’ ‘Paramanu’ is the ‘sub-atom.’
The subtle structure of atoms changes and comes back to as it was in nature.”
End message

Some of the benefits created by Homa atmosphere.

Homa atmosphere is created by ongoing performance of daily Agnihotra, performed exactly at the time of sunrise and sunset. The created atmosphere is fortified with additional Yajnyas like Vyahruti Homa and Om Tryambakam Homa.

  • In Homa atmosphere cows produce more milk.
  • There is more fat content in the milk.
  • Natural pollinators, such as hummingbirds and bees, spontaneously come and stay in Homa atmosphere. Natural predators spontaneously appear in the resonance point area.
  • Micro flora and Micro fauna proliferate in the soil; earthworms become very happy and reproduce themselves very quickly, aerating the soil, making it nutritious and fertile.
  • In the area covered by the Resonance Point System (part of Homa Farming), it rains just the required quantity and it is nutritional rain.

For example; at farms in Maracaibo, Venezuela, the crop Manioc (Yucca) became putrid because of excess rain. At a Homa farm in the same area and its surrounding, it rained only the needed quantity. The Manioc (Yucca) at the Homa Farm was soft and delicious. It was sold at the market for a high price.

Another example is our Homa farm in Australia

If you take a soil analysis of a depleted and barren soil, and start Homa Therapy Farming, then plant a crop of corn, and harvest the corn, a second soil analysis will show that the nutrition of the soil remained the same.

According to conventional agriculture when you grow corn and do a similar soil test, you will need to apply N.P.K. to balance the lack of these in the soil after the harvest in order to be able to plant the next crop.

However, with Homa Farming you plant corn for the second time, harvest that corn and the third soil analysis will show that the nutrition has improved!

Ancient Science states that the nutrition comes from twelve kilometers above the atmosphere.

At this moment in time we do not have the instrumentation available yet to measure this. But are we going to deny the results that the soil analysis gives us? Try and see for your self!

The Scientific method consists of the following aspects: Experimenting, observing and believing what you confirm with your own experience.

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