Focus All Energies on Service

                Focus all energies on service. See what you can do for each of your friends. You will see how every small detail in your life becomes somehow manageable and situations become clearer. Do not look outside yourself for answers. The personality will be less and less, more subtle. No more sorrow, No more suffering. No more judgment. This is truly His message. This is joy.

        Who determines the goal in one’s life? Ultimately each person must choose. An adolescent should choose good company. Each company we keep carries its own energy. So even if we are very good, if we choose to keep company with criminals that energy is taken onto us. Therefore, choose carefully the company you keep.

             At each farm classes can be given on AGNIHOTRA Healing fire, Homa gardening in a few square meters and the like. Have available for purchases all necessary supplies for Agnihotra. Even a small family farm can have a dung drying operation and supply dried cowdung for the area. Even on a small farm classes in vegetarian cooking can be given. Homa farm sets up a whole atmosphere of healing. What the people eat there, drink there is all healing. The whole experience should be positive healing in an atmosphere charged with Higher Energy and Vibrations of Love. These farms become like nucleus of healing energy.

             Homa farm is for the service of others. It is the attitude required that it is not mine but THINE. Then it is like such a place is entrusted to the owner. The person is like a caretaker for a healing energy center. That attitude breeds non-attachment and true service can take place there. Until that attitude is there, always there will be difficulty. Once that attitude ‘Not my will – Thy will be done’ begins to take hold, all Grace abounds and people are just drawn to the place. Once the attitude of service is there people become attracted and there is no shortage of people wanting to help. To expect that help only creates disappointment and resentment. SERVICE INSPIRES THE SAME IN OTHERS.

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