We Have to Train the Mind

             Working on oneself is an ongoing process, but not all done on a conscious level. The idea of “learning to love oneself” and care and nurture one’s own needs is quite healthy. But again, much can be accomplished in this direction by increasing one’s awareness and strengthening one’s devotion. Through service to others, for example, one learns to love oneself as he loves others. Of course, the reverse is true.

              If you truly become full of love, that alone is sufficient. Through that love anyone with whom you come in contact will feel the healing vibration of love. Can you imagine the positive effects if you let go of fear, refuse to give in to anger and maintain a positive state of mind? Then GRACE escalates. Love is the most powerful energy available.

               Don’t say, “Oh! There is no love here.” Bring your love here.

              It is only through consistent effort that one can break through this negative pattern of behavior that causes all his pain and pain in others. Is it not our position to provide love and acceptance to others? Is it not our duty? Then where is the question of loving or not loving? Never withdraw your love. Never withhold your love. This love which is in you is what brings healing to others.

               In the beginning always the mind is lazy when beginning any new discipline. The mind can create whole new excuses and get out of making any effort. So we have to train the mind. It is one thing not to do some work if your body is really tired. It is another when the body is willing and the mind is not controlled. We have to control our mind.

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