Shree Vasant’s Message at Conference on Atmospheric Healing, Shivapuri, Akkalkot, India, Christmas 1983

    In this world at present the forces of evil are very powerful. Human greed and avarice have led to destruction of environment via pollution of every element which makes up our environment. Our land resources, water resources, the air we breathe – all are polluted. This contaminates the food that we eat, the very soil in which we sow seeds to grow our own food. Something must be done. So we must become involved in environmental studies and groups which are pushing to prevent such destruction of environment. It is important. Now we need to introduce a solution to the problem as well.
The solution is Agnihotra.

Where industrial wastes have been carelessly disposed of, barium and cadmium become catalysts and cause a change in the genealogical structure of man. There will be many new mutations found in newborns.

Elements of nature are changing.
Barium and Cadmium are fusing, becoming a new element. In large quantities this new element becomes hazardous to health. It will be found in several places in the world in large concentrations.

New chemical reactions will begin to develop in a peculiar way, giving results in a different way than they have (like a new ingredient is added). Some reactions will not give the same results twice.

Metals fuse. Barium is fusing with copper and gold, destroying their beneficial properties.

Barium, Cadmium and Oxygen fuse to form a new metal, a new element. Where are these thing coming from? The natural cycle is so disturbed, anything could happen. The only way to set things right is to perform this concise Agnihotra given for the first time to mankind by Parama Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj.

More elements begin to fuse. Now we have to see what level and to what degree. Barium now finds it difficult to stay bonded and, hence, seeks new avenues of fusion.

Elements now begin to change in space forming new compositions.

Elementary laws of physics are changing regarding molecular movement and the position of neutrons and electrons in association with atoms of certain special elements. The rate of movement of molecules also changes with catalysts such as temperature. In other words, the rate of movement of molecules is changed permanently, thereby changing the nature of certain substances. The only way to avoid destruction is to harmonize with the changes through performance of Yajnya.

Yajnya (Homa) brings everything in nature into balance.

A shell is forming around the earth. It means disaster.
More people should perform Yajnya now.

Time is running out now. We have to begin to think in terms of bringing people back to a way of life as prescribed in the Vedas that is in harmony with nature.

Tremendous canyons are created in the earth’s surface. There is much radioactive disturbance taking place now in the earth core.

Herds of cattle will begin to die. They will survive in Yajnya atmosphere. Birds find shelter and healing energy coming from the Agnihotra pot.

One can easily see the effect of Yajnya (Homa) on plants. Birds would be another means by which one could measure the effect of Yajnya on living organisms. Agnihotra pot is a generator for life-sustaining energies.

Electromagnetic fields are changing and causing disturbance in communication on the planet.

DNA, the life stuff, changes to trioxyribonucleic acid (TNA) and all life starts to disfunction. Only way to help set things right is by performance of Agnihotra.

Weather is changing as earth begins to shift on its axis.

A clock is like the gear system of nature. A spring has broken and it soon stops running. The only way to replace the spring is by performance of Yajnya (Homa).

Time is not coming. Time has come. A New Era, a new generation, a new tradition.

Is is time the new race is born and we make a beginning in a proper way as it is stated in Vedas.

Lasers of light are being beamed to this planet from other planets in other systems. This is the only way to describe the phenomena with the limitations of language. These lasers carry a message that is injecting our atmosphere and causing change. The change is beneficial because it is some higher form of life transmitting certain special Veda mantras that are seeding our atmosphere with vibrations of love. This is done under the direction and command of Parama Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj. Those that are ready will hear. Those that have love in them will be gathered up and protected. The earth is on the brink of disaster, destruction.

Because there is so much stress in the environment – it is everywhere – we have designed the discipline timings for meditation; if followed, they have a cleansing effect on the mind and body. If you do these timings, you will see how much calmer the day goes, even if things do not happen exactly as you planned. You will find it easier to face change and daily life situations.

Grace has descended on the planet and the kingdom of bliss is just around the corner. If we follow the discipline schedule of Homa and meditation, we shall be able to harmonize with the New Age without any pain.

Love is the message given by all prophets, all saints, all Avatars.
Train your mind to react with love to each and every circumstance in life. This is the key to happy life on the planet.
Agnihotra Yajnya is the best material aid for this mind training.
We ask scientists to tell us if they know of any better way. We are ready to learn.

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