Special Fire for Afghanistan

August 21, 2021, Shree Vasant in group meeting

(Present: Jarek, Ulrich, Suwindi, Maria K, Barry, Rory & Asia, Tom & Ann. Message received via Parvati.)

Ulrich: The situation in the world is full of suffering. What can we really do? Apart from 12 noon healing daily, which feels quite powerful, how to use the tools we have to help more people?

Shree: You may have come up with a good idea, and that is to do a special fire for Afghanistan. Much of the problems in the world are to do with climate change, etc., but Afghanistan is another story. One idea is to hold a specific Yajnya, designated Yajnya, for that country.

(NOTE: We performed Om Tryambakam Yajnya, on the balcony of Centre of Light en masse, for Afghanistan. We continually put this country and other countries, such as Haiti, etc. in the healing circles daily.)

All these prayers that you send are being intensified now. And intensified when it is accompanied by fires, and that intention has to be there. So those who attend the fire should have that focus. Wonderful idea.

Now is the time to stress unity, cooperation, and supporting each other. So, any type of conflicts between you, seek to resolve them once and for all. This is also for Baltimore and any other places. Seek to resolve any conflicts that exist.

Also, when teaching Agnihotra and also welcoming guests here and in Ancient Oaks and Resonance Point, don’t take any political stance. Let Agnihotra and Homa Therapy and Fivefold Path go untainted. Untainted. Let this ancient wisdom, be for all, universal. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, whether you believe in this vaccination or not. Any type of political leanings or not, only lead with Agnihotra. Let everyone feel that this is their safe place.

Always maintain the purity and sanctity of the fires. That is why We tell not to mix teaching Agnihotra with some other thing or practice, like some Shamanic teachings. So, people from any walk of life, whatever they do, can do Agnihotra. Even the Catholic nuns, some do Agnihotra. We have met them in Peru.

This is a time to maintain your inner temple. Your inner temple. A time to purify your thoughts. Try to eat all organic — as much as possible at home, try that everything is organic. When you eat out it is okay.

Keep a careful watch on your thoughts, in what direction they are moving. Like a wayward child going into the forest, you bring this child back. But you have to show the child what is greater than the temptation of the forest. You have to treat the mind like a small child.

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