Never Feel Your Voice is Too Small

August 16, 2021 Shree Vasant

(as received via Parvati in meditation)

When so many are suffering on the planet, those of you who have been blessed to be in such heavenly Homa environments, should be sending love and blessing to all who are in need at this time.

Expand your healing circles to include places, as well. Focus on specific places at the height of the catastrophes that are occurring at each place.

When you choose to bless others, you become useful as an instrument for Divine Love. Every loving word you all speak, sending such blessings out across the planet—every utterance shall reach the target.

Never feel your voice, is too small or too faint, or that it cannot reach so far. The subtle plane is far more effective an avenue than even your Internet communications!

Can you imagine? Those suffering in an Earthquake or a flood, those in the midst of wildfires and great suffering, the environment, all of Nature—your words in prayer, even your thoughts in prayer touch hearts, touch souls.

Just taking the time out of your days to focus on the needs of others, the state of Mother Earth—this alone carries the element of GRACE.

What follows is Gratitude.

Walk in Light.
In Love.

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