FIRE Unites All Cultures

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Cultures may vary. FIRE unites all cultures FIRE is at the root of all cultures. If you turn the pages back to the time of the ancients you will surely find FIRE, even what is referred to as FIRE PURIFICATION, ETERNAL FLAME and so on. Any ancient culture Africa , old Incan culture, Jewish culture, Muslim culture to mention a few. Science of energy is not new. Continue reading “FIRE Unites All Cultures”

Train the Mind

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       We train the mind step by step like a child learning to walk. We do not expect a small child to be able to run before walking. First one step then the next. You have to treat the mind like a small child. Only thing is the small child be easier to train than the mind.

       In future communication will be via SOUND VIBRATION AND THOUGHT MANIFESTATION.

       If you take care of people in such a way that helps them to take care of themselves then you have done them a great service. But if you only take care so that they become dependent on you then this is a disservice.

       Personality is like a wild stallion that becomes tame.

       Look for Divine in all eyes. Look only at that. Do not look for faults in others even when you see them. Look beyond them. Begin this immediately. Continue reading “Train the Mind”

Our Army Has to be Full of Love

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"Our army has to be full of love. Do not become so disciplined as to lose sight of JOY. Discipline and joy are not separate or exclusive of each other.

You may worship in a mosque or a synagogue, in a forest or in a humble grass hut; you may worship in a palace or under a box in the city street, We recognize no religious or racial boundaries. In love no boundaries exist. No limitations.

Let there be singing daily at specific times. Non-compulsory. Joy will inspire and uplift others to join in it. When you sing it is like prayer. So do more of it.


Agnihotra – Antidote to Pollution

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We do not claim Agnihotra to be of any religious origin. It is a tool, which allows us to become more understanding of the problems of others, the problems we are faced with in the world, the negativity, the air pollution. This itself enables us to become more full of love. HENCE SCIENCE PAVES THE WAY TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, WHICH LIES IN EACH OF US.

This is the answer to be given to all the Universe. Let the planet vibrate the message of LOVE. Let Agnihotra be taken to all people, all across the globe.

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Divine Gives You Whatever You Need

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Divine gives you whatever you need. Once you rise a step higher you will realize that there is nothing in this world worth hanging on to, be it family, money, worldly security.
You give it all up and you devote all moments to serving others.
You have to go out in the world as an instrument to serve others.
You can begin this SADHANA of service with all you meet.
You can rise so high only by serving everyone with that total love and devotion.
You reach a point when the ego will go.
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To Neutralize the Effects of Radioactivity

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To neutralize the effects of Radioactivity:
Try this Agnihotra fire Science from Vedas to purify the Atmosphere and create a natural healing balance in Nature.

In Eastern Europe an experiment can be made concerning radioactivity in the soil. This we can foresee having a dynamic effect on the well being of Europe on the whole. By utilizing ancient techniques of fumigation as well as farming and using the ash as well as the HOMA fires themselves, radioactivity in the soil can be eradicated or at least greatly reduced… This will be sufficient evidence to render this Science of Homa Therapy completely sound and effective in treatment of various radioactivity related situations including physical illnesses in human beings and animal kingdom, also plants and water resources.

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The Golden Messages of Shree Vasant Paranjpe (1/24)

“HOMA Therapy is a way one can begin the process of self-healing and assist people in breaking down barriers to success, good health and inner wisdom.
We offer Homa Therapy to continue the process of self-healing. Thus power is given back to the individual and there is no dependency either on chemical drugs, therapists or expensive therapies.
The person has the tools in hand to achieve self-healing through practice of ancient Vedic healing fires. Continue reading “The Golden Messages of Shree Vasant Paranjpe (1/24)”