Train the Mind

Watch Shree give this message. 

       We train the mind step by step like a child learning to walk. We do not expect a small child to be able to run before walking. First one step then the next. You have to treat the mind like a small child. Only thing is the small child be easier to train than the mind.

       In future communication will be via SOUND VIBRATION AND THOUGHT MANIFESTATION.

       If you take care of people in such a way that helps them to take care of themselves then you have done them a great service. But if you only take care so that they become dependent on you then this is a disservice.

       Personality is like a wild stallion that becomes tame.

       Look for Divine in all eyes. Look only at that. Do not look for faults in others even when you see them. Look beyond them. Begin this immediately.

       The aim of all spiritual practices is the same. ONE HAS TO FIND THE MASTER WITHIN. This means find peace within. That is enlightenment, being one with the Divine. Any practice which brings you closer to the Divine within you that you should keep. On any spiritual path there should be a lot of Joy. Let there be no judgment, judgment of oneself or others, but especially do not judge yourself.

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