Agnihotra – Antidote to Pollution

Watch Shree give this message. 


We do not claim Agnihotra to be of any religious origin. It is a tool, which allows us to become more understanding of the problems of others, the problems we are faced with in the world, the negativity, the air pollution. This itself enables us to become more full of love. HENCE SCIENCE PAVES THE WAY TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, WHICH LIES IN EACH OF US.

This is the answer to be given to all the Universe. Let the planet vibrate the message of LOVE. Let Agnihotra be taken to all people, all across the globe.

Now, things are moving very fast all over the World.
After two months there will be a big demand for Agnihotra ointment because the skin diseases will become like epidemic.
To prepare Agnihotra ointment, you have to take one  (1) unit of Agnihotra ash and add nine (9) units of cow’s ghee, by weight.
You can share this information through those who can tell other people.
You have to keep large stocks of ointment to serve the people.

Agnihotra is not only like food for the soul but it will help food to grow in soil conditions thought impossible.
Agnihotra activates cells in the body and at the same time supplies atmosphere with nutrients necessary for survival.

Mind is like this E-mail.
You download, digest the information and again download. But if you do not delete old messages from your computer, after sometime, the computer may be overloaded. Why not just download, process the information and then delete it?
Only keep the information needed as to keep computer functioning.

Ultimately all that is needed is Mantra.

To neutralize the effects of Radioactivity:
Try this Agnihotra fire Science from Vedas to purify the Atmosphere and create a natural healing balance in Nature.
In Eastern Europe an experiment can be made concerning radioactivity in the soil. This we can foresee having a dynamic effect on the well being of Europe on the whole. By utilizing ancient techniques of fumigation as well as farming and using the ash as well as the HOMA fires themselves, radioactivity in the soil can be eradicated or at least greatly reduced… This will be sufficient evidence to render this Science of Homa Therapy completely sound and effective in treatment of various radioactivity related situations including physical illnesses in human beings and animal kingdom, also plants and water resources.

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