Divine Gives You Whatever You Need

Watch Shree give this message. 

Divine gives you whatever you need. Once you rise a step higher you will realize that there is nothing in this world worth hanging on to, be it family, money, worldly security.
You give it all up and you devote all moments to serving others.
You have to go out in the world as an instrument to serve others.
You can begin this SADHANA of service with all you meet.
You can rise so high only by serving everyone with that total love and devotion.
You reach a point when the ego will go.

All sources of divine knowledge are pure. It is only in man’s interpretation that someone becomes overzealous and judgmental of others.
In all ancient knowledge, whether recorded or not there is also reference to FIRE purification.
In the Bible, there are direct references to these times in which we now live. Great turmoil and chaos are predicted. Rising of the great seas is also predicted.
Agnihotra is the purification referred to in the Bible.
We are only instruments to bring the FIRE to every strata of the people and to every strata of the earth.

The worst is coming but THE BLESSINGS ARE UNFOLDING NOW. Let us prepare for great Earth changes now. Floods. All devastation. All starvation. Famine.
Have no fear. KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS COMING. All Grace. No fear, no anxiety.
Time has come. Time has come.
Now the job becomes not only farms, but how to plant trees. How to start new forest so that people will have oxygen to breathe.
Trees would be uprooted. The soil will no longer be able to sustain the weight of the trees. The trees will not be able to extract nutrients from the soil. So the root system will atrophy and the trees will begin to fall over. THIS IS FROM ACID RAIN. The planet is doomed. IT IS ONLY THE GRACE OF ALMIGHTY FATHER THAT WILL SAVE THE PLANET.
How will the children play and what will be left for them to play with?

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