Extreme Piety is a Great Quality to Have

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              Extreme piety, reverence for Almighty, is a great quality to have. One naturally evolves into that through intense practice of Mantra. One begins to feel the movement of love in the body. One begins to think less on oneself and more on others. One’s focus becomes less ‘I’ centered as one begins to see the wider perspective and embrace the world as one’s family. It begins with the caring for others within one’s immediate circle, family and friends. As one evolves in consciousness one begins to extend one’s awareness of the world around him. Compassion stirs in the heart. Continue reading “Extreme Piety is a Great Quality to Have”

More Contact Now with Other Galaxies

Master Shree Vasant in Bhrugu Aranya, Poland. The flames across the globe appeared after developing the photo.
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One interesting thing is that there is more contact now between our planet and other galaxies. If you look into this subject, you will find an enormous store of information never before published or disclosed which governments of the world are privy to. There are plans to corrupt the atmosphere so that these planetary communications can be halted. Planetary communications which come without words but with great influx of energies all directed toward the healing of this planet. Continue reading “More Contact Now with Other Galaxies”

We Must Consciously Blend in with Nature

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               We have to learn, all mankind, that we have to consciously blend in with nature. Not only that, but make Nature more harmonious, more blissful. It must be all Peace and Bliss. If we live in accordance with our ordained duties, Laws of Vedas, we can help Nature become more harmonious. That is done by respecting Nature. We can translate that to our thoughts and actions. If all our thoughts are pure and full of love and all our actions are taken in a spirit of surrender then we are filling the atmosphere in which we live with all these positive energies and vibrations. It makes all of Nature happy. Continue reading “We Must Consciously Blend in with Nature”

Nature without Man is Perfect

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If we look at Nature without man, just Nature in its most pristine, undisturbed state, it is perfect. The entire Nature functions on action/reaction, predator/prey balance – The law of Karma. It is only thrown out of balance by man. Man is the only living physical occupant of the planet that has the power of choice – the ability to use intellect to make decisions. As we look around us we can see the incredibly poor decisions man has made regarding short term benefits of technology without regard for the long term environmental implications. Plants and animals are disappearing at alarming rates. Continue reading “Nature without Man is Perfect”

Self Development

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Self development begins with a thorough investigation of ‘Who am I?’ ‘What am I here for?’ ‘How can I overcome my addictions, attitudes and mental blockages in order to fulfill my VIKARMA?’ (specific allotted task of a person).

One can expend so much energy, valuable energy on talking. If it is meaningful conversation it is excellent. But so much interaction between the people is wasteful. Always think ‘is it useful?’ ‘is it gossip?’ Better not to fall into the trap of meaningless chatter. Continue reading “Self Development”

Listen More, Speak Less

Master Shree Vasant looking at Mother Mary, who radiantly appears in the flame of the Holy Homa Fire.
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Speak less your thoughts and opinions. Listen more and let the words be spoken through you. This is the meaning of silence. Silence is Golden. Silence does not mean simply not speaking. When you keep silence, make it begin with speech and make it extend to the formulation of thoughts.

When a thought is being formed, if it is not one which will serve to enlighten, to inspire or to educate, better stop the thought process.
Then when you do speak, it will reflect a peaceful heart. Words will come with more kindness and love.
Continue reading “Listen More, Speak Less”

So Many Different Spiritual Paths

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There are so many different paths available and so much confusion as a result. There are those who as spiritual seekers try on spiritual tenets as if clothes in a boutique. Tiring quickly of the new outlook they go on to the next shop for their next esoteric thrill.

With daily Agnihotra practice we begin the process of self healing and assist people in breaking down barriers to success, good health and inner wisdom.

Once the soul is willing to serve the Master, the Master will always provide the way, the best way for the devotee to serve. Learn to be like a warrior and not worrier.

If one looks at what is difficult in one’s life as a challenge rather than as a blockage one can easily rise above the situation. Continue reading “So Many Different Spiritual Paths”

Patience is a Virtue

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Patience is a virtue which should be inculcated. Patience will carry you further in life. Patience tempers expectation and gives one the breathing room one needs for spiritual development to take place.

When one meets the Sadguru, it is never what is called a ‘chance encounter.’ It is always a blessing and often a turning point in one’s life. All lives, past and present, sit before HIM as He gently rearranges the molecules and cells of the body with one Hand held before you in blessings. Continue reading “Patience is a Virtue”

We are not here to Change People

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Self Development
We are not here to change people. If they change or evolve in this atmosphere or in our presence, wonderful. If they are willing to serve, to help the work, spread Agnihotra, then we say "Thank you. Do this, Thank you". Process of self development is just that SELF DEVELOPMENT Not I develop you. I develop me. You develop you. If it is like that if you can be instrumental in to change that is different. Assisting others to change infers that:
(a) They are willing to change.
(b) They are already in the process of change.

Perhaps they have asked you that you help them. That is also different. Do not offer your opinions or ideas or suggestions unless asked. If someone asks you, you say "If it is Divine will whatever words I speak let them be HIS". Then when you open your mouth to speak out will come TRUTH. Continue reading “We are not here to Change People”

Healing Past Resentments

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Unless past resentments are healed, the person develops an illness or disease in the body that carries more resentment. Many diseases especially Cancer are due to harboring old hurts, old resentments, in particular, anger.

For so many, cupboards are bare. So many walk the earth without shoes on their feet. KARMA. AGNIHOTRA, gift to humankind brings great prosperity, peace and bliss to the planet.

World is concerned with economics and material prosperity. Let us then, use the language they understand and they will listen. AGNIHOTRA gives you material prosperity and a mind full of love. Continue reading “Healing Past Resentments”