Extreme Piety is a Great Quality to Have

Watch Shree give this message. 

              Extreme piety, reverence for Almighty, is a great quality to have. One naturally evolves into that through intense practice of Mantra. One begins to feel the movement of love in the body. One begins to think less on oneself and more on others. One’s focus becomes less ‘I’ centered as one begins to see the wider perspective and embrace the world as one’s family. It begins with the caring for others within one’s immediate circle, family and friends. As one evolves in consciousness one begins to extend one’s awareness of the world around him. Compassion stirs in the heart.

If one continues from that point to rise higher, to evolve even beyond that, One begins to see all the peoples of the world, on every continent as a part of him. One is a part of the world beyond one’s borders. Then a point is reached when one feels fully Love, love which goes beyond compassion.

Ultimately one experiences this Blissful state "I and my Father are one".

This is a state which can not successfully be mimicked, which some high teachers try to do. A state of complete surrender to Almighty is one which shines through every thought, every word, every action. It is a state of being which few reach in their lifetimes. It comes through efforts and Grace.

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