Homa Therapy Teaching Trip to Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has big problems, especially because of the consequences of the high radioactive contamination. Many people have Wounds, that don’t heal, or gene-defects. Another quite big problem is that so many young people commit suicide out despair facing so much suffering.

In a two-day Homa seminar, we could educate 30 leading people from all over Kazakhstan from Novosibirsk up to the Chinese border about Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash Medicines. We could also make the necessary basic Homa materials available for them, so that these people now can pass on to everyone this type of self-help in their own surroundings.

Homa Therapy, until now, is the only known possibility to face the problems of radioactivity effectively and therefore so important for survival – specifically in such areas with dramatic problems, like here in Kazakhstan.

However, at the same time, there is also a big chance to make this knowledge of healing accessible to many, because here, in Alma Ata, many trade routes and communication lines for the entire Russian and Asian area meet. In old times, the silk-roads were also ways of exchange of knowledge — so can this knowledge of healing and life flow again into big areas.

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