So Many Different Spiritual Paths

Watch Shree give this message. 

There are so many different paths available and so much confusion as a result. There are those who as spiritual seekers try on spiritual tenets as if clothes in a boutique. Tiring quickly of the new outlook they go on to the next shop for their next esoteric thrill.

With daily Agnihotra practice we begin the process of self healing and assist people in breaking down barriers to success, good health and inner wisdom.

Once the soul is willing to serve the Master, the Master will always provide the way, the best way for the devotee to serve. Learn to be like a warrior and not worrier.

If one looks at what is difficult in one’s life as a challenge rather than as a blockage one can easily rise above the situation.

When one enters into a marriage with expectation that the person whom they are marrying will change and fulfill these expectations already the marriage is burdened. It becomes difficult to fulfill those expectations and also difficult to face the disappointment when those expectations are not met.

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