Listen More, Speak Less

Master Shree Vasant looking at Mother Mary, who radiantly appears in the flame of the Holy Homa Fire.
Watch Shree give this message. 

Speak less your thoughts and opinions. Listen more and let the words be spoken through you. This is the meaning of silence. Silence is Golden. Silence does not mean simply not speaking. When you keep silence, make it begin with speech and make it extend to the formulation of thoughts.

When a thought is being formed, if it is not one which will serve to enlighten, to inspire or to educate, better stop the thought process.
Then when you do speak, it will reflect a peaceful heart. Words will come with more kindness and love.

If you are not keeping silence, at the moment the thought comes, see first before it forms speech. Is it a thought which will enlighten, educate or inspire another?
If it is none of this, if it has some negative connotation, then do not speak it.
Once a thought is uttered, it cannot be retracted.

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