All Those Sensual Pleasures

        All those sensual pleasures are totally automated in the average person. Any opportunity to seek pleasure is quickly grasped by the mind and automatically the intellect tries to find ways how that enjoyable situation can be extended.

         If your goal in life is God intoxication, liberation, ‘Not my will but Thy will be done’ then you have to make special effort to get out of the grooves of mental behavior and set in to motion another automated behavior pattern. Instead of sense enjoyment you have to think how you become a better instrument to execute HIS will. You have to make a serious conscious effort to achieve this. This is a very special process in your life. When you succeed in doing this you will come to know what real joy in life is. Simultaneously you will be accumulating great good Karma without attachment to the fruit and the Law of GRACE operates.

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Once the Goal of Liberation in This Very Life is Decided

             Once the goal of liberation in this very life is decided, let us not be attracted to trivia and get caught up in its snares. Conscious and continuous attempt is required to train the mind to become non attached and full of total LOVE.

          Supposing you are going through a huge shopping mall. Thousands shopping varieties try to attract your mind. There are clothes, music, sex shops, flowers, people admiring you for your worldly achievements, soap bubbles, balloons. The room where you can learn to train the mind to become unattached and be full of love is on the top floor. So go straight to the top floor saying that you only want to reach your goal. If your determination is firm then the Grace of Sadguru comes to your help.

         Purification of oneself is a great project. It requires all attention, constant practice. Whenever you notice improvement in you, make sure not to be proud of it. Try to become a more fitting receptor to receive the Grace bestowed on you. Actually you should become more humble because of GRACE being showered on you. You have now to learn how more efficiently to become an instrument to serve your neighborhood.

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Accidents are Created to Keep You on the Right Path

             Lord Krishna asked one of His devotees to ask for any boon and he would grant it. The lady who was a wise person replied "Lord, always keep me in misery so that I will be remembering you all the time".
Any pain or misery comes to our lot, we should consider as coming to teach us some lesson. Sometimes it so happens that for you to make further spiritual progress Divine sends misery as an agent to keep our attention, concentration on the Divine Path. It is Grace operating. When your heart yearns for liberation from the bondage of Karma your intellect is still in the grooves of old habits. The Divine arranges circumstances which help you get out of the clutches of intellect. Accidents, buffets of Fate are created to keep you on the right path.
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It Puts a Chain around You

  The word interest comes from the Latin ‘Inter esse’ meaning to be in it, meaning in all, in which you have any sort of interest you are trapped. It puts a chain around you and binds you.

               Be untouched by all, whatever you notice. Use your abilities for the benefit of the whole without any attachment.

        Often dreams, abilities, clairvoyance etc. are given either as a test to see whether you are caught up by it and let yourself be impressed by it, which at once means a stop on your spiritual path. Alternatively such things are sometimes given that we become able to support, to help others better or to see our own way more clearly. Then however, those abilities are only to be used for that special purpose but not make any ego proud which also would mean at once a stop or downfall on the spiritual path.

               Also if nothing is given, no dreams, no wonders, no abilities, you have to remain totally unattached to that.

Gurudeva Shree Vasant’s
Agnihotra Ash formed the above water crystal (Photo by Dr. Masaru Emoto).
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Creating Misery in One’s Life

             One can find endless sources for creating misery in one’s life. People can become dependent because they have no money or because they have a lot of money but no one to share the money with. They can be unhappy traveling or unhappy because they are in one place all the time. If everything started to run smoothly still the mind starts to create a new reason for misery. Mind becomes addicted to it. It is a never ending cycle. Continue reading “Creating Misery in One’s Life”

What is the Goal of Life?

Watch Shree give this message. 

              What is the goal of life? Material prosperity? You have a beautiful healthy body and loving wife. You are surrounded by harmonious family relations. You have amassed enough material wealth. Society respects you for you ethical behaviour, for your generosity. In spite of such blessed circumstances if your mind has not surrendered at the Lotus Feet of a Sadguru, then what is the use of all these material blessings?

             You are well versed in scriptures of all religions, books of all saints. You are able to give wonderful discourses on God, soul, ethics but your mind has not surrendered at the Lotus Feet of Sadguru what is the use of all these blessings?

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Everyone is Troubled Now

Watch Shree give this message. 

      Everyone is troubled now. You talk to any person, anywhere – All are troubled. So we must not bow to our troubles. Let us just do this work. Those who have been blessed for this work have more responsibility and simultaneously an easy opportunity to undo the load of past Karma. Let us act unto that.

       You have to break attachments to the world. If you are attached to your friends, relations, possessions, then all these could control your reaction, could manipulate you. If you break the attachments they can pull the strings which are no longer attached to you. So this enables you to love them more freely. Do not allow yourself to be brought down by conduct of others, situations or thoughts. Always do the Mantra.

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Science, Religion Unite in Bond of Love

Shree in conversation with farmers at Homa Therapy Goshala, Maheshwar.
Watch Shree give this message. 

Science, Religion unite in bond of Love. Endless experiments in the church and in the laboratories come to the same conclusion now. All the children, be they scientists or priests, be they laborers or those who seek higher wisdom through texts and learned man – all must come together as one.

You are not a Normal person.
This is not a Normal world.
You do not see from Normal eyes.
But you must appear Normal.

In this time of great racial tension and discord all of you must strive to be examples of Peace and Understanding, of Nonviolence and Truth.

You must be humble as dust but do not speak about it. In all your actions be humble.

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Atmosphere has the Capacity of Retaining and Transmitting Sound

Shree spreading His Joy and Blessings
after the Bath in the Narmada River.

Watch Shree give this message. 

Atmosphere has the capacity of retaining and transmitting sound, plus transmitting radio waves, satellite signs, etc. All type of communication without wires. Due to pollution this capacity is affected to such an extent that signals shall get mixed up and chaos will come.

Agnihotra smoke from the fire is medicinal. It is therapeutic.

Surface of Earth’s moon is changing having a deleterious effect on people of our planet. Actually it is not only mind that is affected in man but also biological functioning of all life on the planet.

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