Science, Religion Unite in Bond of Love

Shree in conversation with farmers at Homa Therapy Goshala, Maheshwar.
Watch Shree give this message. 

Science, Religion unite in bond of Love. Endless experiments in the church and in the laboratories come to the same conclusion now. All the children, be they scientists or priests, be they laborers or those who seek higher wisdom through texts and learned man – all must come together as one.

You are not a Normal person.
This is not a Normal world.
You do not see from Normal eyes.
But you must appear Normal.

In this time of great racial tension and discord all of you must strive to be examples of Peace and Understanding, of Nonviolence and Truth.

You must be humble as dust but do not speak about it. In all your actions be humble.

An exchange of energy transcends to the heart during Agnihotra.

Material world begins to tailspin – WE BEGIN TO HEADSPIN.

The leanings of the Western mind now are such that they will not be able to conceive dealing with any more pain than they already have, whether it is self induced or not beneficial or not. Most we can ask people to do now is AGNIHOTRA, a little meditation and perhaps some PRANAYAMA.

The importance of AGNIHOTRA goes beyond scientific explanation. It gives a link with the ALMIGHTY. When you see past the physical you begin to think of what importance is this.

I am only a humble servant in the hands of my Master, to be used as HE wills. I am nothing but a vehicle through which Truth is to be delivered to the Planet. I speak only what is spoken through my humble instrument.

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