Everyone is Troubled Now

Watch Shree give this message. 

      Everyone is troubled now. You talk to any person, anywhere – All are troubled. So we must not bow to our troubles. Let us just do this work. Those who have been blessed for this work have more responsibility and simultaneously an easy opportunity to undo the load of past Karma. Let us act unto that.

       You have to break attachments to the world. If you are attached to your friends, relations, possessions, then all these could control your reaction, could manipulate you. If you break the attachments they can pull the strings which are no longer attached to you. So this enables you to love them more freely. Do not allow yourself to be brought down by conduct of others, situations or thoughts. Always do the Mantra.

             There is so much suffering in the world. We have to rise above our own problems. No doubt, we all have these ups and downs but through TAPA combined with Agnihotra, our ups and downs become more an even keel.

              Through disciplines and Mantra all the time, anything can be accomplished. Diet will improve; attitude will improve. You will make good use of time.

               We must carry the burdens of past incarnations with us. Unless this Karma is worked through in this life, we again have to repeat until we are clear of its influence. Now we are given an opportunity in this life to wipe out bonds of Karma. All people have their faults. Still remember you have been given a great opportunity to cleanse yourself of past Karma by participating in establishing Homa Farms, spreading Agnihotra.

               There are some special persons later on whose entire job will be YAJNYA (HOMA). They will perform HOMA all the time. This is the way we can offer our services in the grand Divine Plan to cleanse the planet from the effects of multilevels of pollution.

              Agnihotra should be performed by every member of the family. People should never miss Agnihotra. It provides power and nutrients to the DEVAS to carry on the work of keeping energy cycle of the planet in harmony.

              More Grace is coming now. It is time now. We have a mission to fulfill. All Light comes.

             The Kalki Avatar, the Son of Man uses our instruments to plant the seeds of knowledge among the peoples of the world and bring them Home.

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