Agnihotra in Tamworth, NSW, Australia

Karuna Coleman reports from Tamworth, NSW, Australia:
I have been performing Agnihotra for about 12 years.
After we had moved into our new house, we discovered that the neighborhood was rather rowdy.

The house is on a corner that is a walkway for local people who tend to drink a lot, smash bottles, yell, scream and walk past very drunk.

I have been doing regular Agnihotra here for the last 20 months. In a short period of time after I started Agnihotra we noticed a big improvement; we have a much quieter street now. The walk way has changed to mainly mum and kids in the daytime. Also it was a very popular area for the young kids to do wheelies with their cars. This has also reduced to less than half on the Friday & Saturday nights. The police used to patrol very frequently, but now we might see them only a couple of times at the most on the weekend.

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