It Puts a Chain around You

  The word interest comes from the Latin ‘Inter esse’ meaning to be in it, meaning in all, in which you have any sort of interest you are trapped. It puts a chain around you and binds you.

               Be untouched by all, whatever you notice. Use your abilities for the benefit of the whole without any attachment.

        Often dreams, abilities, clairvoyance etc. are given either as a test to see whether you are caught up by it and let yourself be impressed by it, which at once means a stop on your spiritual path. Alternatively such things are sometimes given that we become able to support, to help others better or to see our own way more clearly. Then however, those abilities are only to be used for that special purpose but not make any ego proud which also would mean at once a stop or downfall on the spiritual path.

               Also if nothing is given, no dreams, no wonders, no abilities, you have to remain totally unattached to that.

Gurudeva Shree Vasant’s
Agnihotra Ash formed the above water crystal (Photo by Dr. Masaru Emoto).

               Sadguru is giving everything to you and you give all thanks to him. But what is the advantage to the rest of the world? Sadguru gives you all Love and you have to carry that gratitude to your fellow beings and make them stronger on the Divine Path. They in turn will carry the blessings to others and this way the SATSANG circle widens.

               Training the mind to become unattached and to do this with a smile and not with a long face or a collapsed jaw is the key to any spiritual progress.

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