Once the Goal of Liberation in This Very Life is Decided

             Once the goal of liberation in this very life is decided, let us not be attracted to trivia and get caught up in its snares. Conscious and continuous attempt is required to train the mind to become non attached and full of total LOVE.

          Supposing you are going through a huge shopping mall. Thousands shopping varieties try to attract your mind. There are clothes, music, sex shops, flowers, people admiring you for your worldly achievements, soap bubbles, balloons. The room where you can learn to train the mind to become unattached and be full of love is on the top floor. So go straight to the top floor saying that you only want to reach your goal. If your determination is firm then the Grace of Sadguru comes to your help.

         Purification of oneself is a great project. It requires all attention, constant practice. Whenever you notice improvement in you, make sure not to be proud of it. Try to become a more fitting receptor to receive the Grace bestowed on you. Actually you should become more humble because of GRACE being showered on you. You have now to learn how more efficiently to become an instrument to serve your neighborhood.

               You will find inner peace only when you decide every second should be utilized, not to get anything for yourself. Use your body, thoughts, mind, abilities to help people only as an instrument of HIS will. Give HIS blessings, HIS love to anybody who comes to you, to all your neighborhood. By practicing this you will come to know that you have fulfilled your VIKARMA, the purpose for which you have taken human birth. If you wish HIS concentrated power to flow to you, you must become more and more pure. Practice of Fivefold Path of Yajnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma, and Swadhyaya will automatically usher you into that state of Love thy neighbor as thyself.

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