We are not here to Change People

Watch Shree give this message. 

Self Development
We are not here to change people. If they change or evolve in this atmosphere or in our presence, wonderful. If they are willing to serve, to help the work, spread Agnihotra, then we say "Thank you. Do this, Thank you". Process of self development is just that SELF DEVELOPMENT Not I develop you. I develop me. You develop you. If it is like that if you can be instrumental in to change that is different. Assisting others to change infers that:
(a) They are willing to change.
(b) They are already in the process of change.

Perhaps they have asked you that you help them. That is also different. Do not offer your opinions or ideas or suggestions unless asked. If someone asks you, you say "If it is Divine will whatever words I speak let them be HIS". Then when you open your mouth to speak out will come TRUTH.

Just temper the personality so that there is only this PURE TRUTH. Speak less and listen more. Once quiet all our words will be HIS.

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