Healing Past Resentments

Watch Shree give this message. 

Unless past resentments are healed, the person develops an illness or disease in the body that carries more resentment. Many diseases especially Cancer are due to harboring old hurts, old resentments, in particular, anger.

For so many, cupboards are bare. So many walk the earth without shoes on their feet. KARMA. AGNIHOTRA, gift to humankind brings great prosperity, peace and bliss to the planet.

World is concerned with economics and material prosperity. Let us then, use the language they understand and they will listen. AGNIHOTRA gives you material prosperity and a mind full of love.

All concepts of TIME AND SPACE are subject to change.

There will come a time in very near future when GM foods will be outlawed but by then, so much damage will have already been done.

Now is the time to move everywhere activating sanctuaries of fire. We always move quickly without fanfare. No show. This is service on a very deep level.

On Spiritual path one is like a sapling requiring careful pruning and care, protection and even a stick to straighten its growth to keep it upright and safe from falling. This is the great importance of keeping proper company, SATSANG.

One has to learn to discern what intentions are pure and what are not. One must align oneself with TRUTH. If one’s longing is true and one’s fortitude steady one begins to see clearly who is true and who is false in the world of illusion. Once one finds one’s true path, once one find one’s guru in this life one shall strive with all one’s heart to follow the way with every ounce of determination and strength.

If a big show is made of one’s spiritual accomplishments that person is likely to be led by ego and not by TRUTH. HUMILITY is the mark of the True Divine Entity, the true servant of Almighty.
Watch Shree give this message. 

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