FIRE Unites All Cultures

Watch Shree give this message. 

Cultures may vary. FIRE unites all cultures FIRE is at the root of all cultures. If you turn the pages back to the time of the ancients you will surely find FIRE, even what is referred to as FIRE PURIFICATION, ETERNAL FLAME and so on. Any ancient culture Africa , old Incan culture, Jewish culture, Muslim culture to mention a few. Science of energy is not new.

One has to place his own development ahead of all material concerns, social concerns, illusions, delusions, ambitions. All must go. This does not mean that the person must be aimless or purposeless quite the contrary. HE IS TO FIND HIS TRUE MISSION IN LIFE. The GURU will tell what it is. The disciple finds the Truth through the practices he has been taught by the GURU.

The GURU does not say “This is it” necessarily. He will say instead “This is the way to get there. These are the practices which will help you attain your goal.” Goal is always ENLIGHTENMENT. The true GURU has no interest in any other goal. Always his aim is your ultimate liberation even if you do not “Think” of it in those terms.

Mind must always affirm the holy.

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