It is Your Duty to Become Full of Love

       If you are capable of being full of love then it is your duty to become full of love. If you feel you have been full of love and sincerely devoted then try to get to that state again. All is not lost. One moment of ‘Thy Will be done’ brings us into the Light again.

      You see how, when one has given some devotion to some measure, you feel the love. Doubts and fears work against the fibre of devotion. When one loses that devotion, one becomes again just a normal man.

      When you are devoted, any land is your home. When you have that sincere total devotion, faith, though you fall, His love is unbounded. His Grace is unmatched by any force in this universe. When you develop that feeling truly of ‘Thy Will be done’ everything is automatically done for you.

       Community must come up in every place where Agnihotris are doing the work.

      If you have the right frame of mind then this work will have great attraction for you, great interest. If your mind is always on outer things, then you will not be able to do it effectively because the mind is a wilful tyrant. It will embark on its own direction if you do not train it properly. So mind can lead you to all kinds of trouble, just as a dog when it is unleashed. If the mind is trained it will obey and this is the state of atonement – at-one-ment.

      Most people are unhappy because they search for happiness in the material world which can only multiply their desires and never satisfy them.

       Let us realize that preoccupation with astrology – unless it is revealed knowledge given to you as an instrument – will only serve to cloud your intellect and confuse others. Same with Tarot Cards, numerology and these divining techniques You can be responsible for your own self but never for another. What one does with this knowledge? We are not saying that these things are bad. No. Not like that. We are simply telling you that for you these things are a trap. You can learn from it and let it go. Knowledge can be misused to glamourise the self, to enhance the self-image. You need none of this. Not this. Not this.

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