Organizing One’s Life

You can make a list of all the different projects, work that needs to be done, but once that main list is made, you have to break it down and take only one at a time. Do whatever step you can or, if you can, complete it in full. Then, go on to the next task. Otherwise, you will get overwhelmed.

1st, IDENTIFY the projects or jobs.
2nd, PRIORITIZE which to do first.
3rd, FOCUS entirely on one.
4th, When completed project or step for that day, go on to the next.
5th, Take next step.

This applies to all and to every area of your lives.
LIST. PRIORITIZE. FOCUS on one, then continue to the next.

Most of you have at least 3-5 areas of your life. So, all are often equally or almost equally, calling for your attention.

Just as you would if you were the parent of 5 children, all of whom are calling you, you go to the one who is most urgent first. Take care of that or at least, get it in a calmer state. Then prioritize according to need and give each child your full attention, one by one.

If all are insistent, you may have to call all together and address them as a whole group. Express your commitment to take care of all of them. Explain, you are going to use your time wisely and ask for their patience. You will get to each ot them. You are more likely to get their attention and cooperation by addressing them, hearing and acknowledging their needs, and valuing their cooperation.

Same with your work you need to do. That is the making of comprehensive list, stating your intention to address each, to prioritize, and then focus one by one. If you allow yourself to be overcome, your emotions to take the wheel, your driving through your life becomes erratic, and chaos ensues.

And, above all, acknowledge your positive attitude toward accepting and fulfilling responsibilities. And then proceed with Joy. Always allow for humour and see any problems as challenges to rise above.

At every turn, thank the Divine and continue to restate your desire to SERVE HIM IN ALL YOU DO.

All love.

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