15 Replies to “Agnihotra Buddy App for Android Phones”

  1. I need help with the timing.My husband and I both have Android phones but the time in seconds varies on both the phones to the tune of 5-6 seconds.I don’t know whose time is accurate.Where to I need to check for accuracy of r phone timings and how do I sync it.
    lots of good wishes

  2. Hi app developer,
    The sunset time shown is 2 minutes early compared to AccuWeather, which one to believe now,
    How do you say yours is more reliable

  3. My app says..”Data not found for date and says Try updating database”..I am using Android phone..Not sure what this means..can someone help pls. thanks

    1. First step is to delete all locations which are stored in the app. Then restart the app and try to add a location. If this does not work you may need to uninstall and reinstall the app.

  4. I am confused with the sunrise and sunset timings. Various websites shows different timings. Don’t know which is the right one. Can you please guide? Thanks

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