Forces Outside are Working to Cause Disharmony

      Forces outside are working to cause disharmony. All these outside forces will be stopped. This is all energy misdirected. YAJNYA is the cure.

   Increase of disease surpasses all scientists’ expectations. We provide the solution with such a simple process of purification i.e. AGNIHOTRA.
The atmosphere we are in determines our health and our state of mind.
Happy atmosphere = Happy plants = Abundant produce and good taste.

         In life there are many normal attractions between people. Take, for example, physical attraction. If the mind is not clear and disciplined, then immediately it will respond to the attraction – and the body follows. The attraction may last a shorter time or a longer time, but what is behind it? One must have a little more control over the mind, not allowing it to go from one sense object to the next. In human affairs this can be costly to one’s own spiritual development and much more.

        The Divine has knowledge of what it is you need and one has to have stronger faith, intensify devotion, work hard on one’s own spiritual development and surrender. This is not a path for ascetics. It is a householders’ path. When two souls meet who are directly guided to come together, in marriage for example, it is not the same as physical attraction, sexual desire and fulfillments of such desires. In fact, when one is like a moth to a flame, going from one to the next in search of the light, one may miss the one whom he is truly to be with. So the lesson is not to give any energy to these desires; keep the mind affirming the holy and allow the Divine to arrange your life for you. Have more faith. One can work out Karma. One can rise much above the Karma through practice of Yajnya daily.

       If your house has no order then your mind will be affected. So it makes no sense to focus your energy on anything until the house is in order. So first clean the house and set everything in order. Then arrange your schedule around meditation timings. So from 8 am until 9:45 am you can schedule one thing. Then from 10:15 am to 11:45 am you can schedule another thing. The 12 noon meditation, fire (Homa) and lunch. Then 1 pm to 2:45 pm another block of time. Then 3 pm meditation and so forth.**

(**These additional Homa and meditation practices mentioned in the last paragraph are complementary and optional suggestions, which can be followed by Agnihotris, who wish to deepen these disciplines. They can be practiced at home, at work or any other place.)

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