Always Attune Yourself to that Higher Force

        Always attune yourself to that higher force and you will be constantly taken care of as if a hand is above you directing you to your goal.

         Take care of yourself and your family. Spend time together and apart. You can do all activities and enjoy your time together and still do meditation. It is difficult staying with your family, but at least you are doing Agnihotra regularly. Spend some time alone also.

        Honor, respect and love one another. No more lashing out at each other for real or imaginary hurts. Open yourselves to receive the Light given to you by Grace.

         Let these so-called animosities fade away. Let them clear the air. You can be of greater support to each other if you try now to mend the situation.

        When you are an instrument of the Divine, whatever develops in time is HIS WILL and not your own. Be pure of heart and intention. Then whatever is the Will of the Father will be THY WILL, not my will

        When you stray from Mantra go back to it as you remember. Same way with diet. If you start it and then fall back, again start it. Do not take it as an activity. It is a way of life. If you start a diet and go off it, it is like the path. It is always there. It is not like starting a new path. The path is there. If you go off, come back to it. Do not waste time lamenting, "Oh, if I could have done this". Forget it and begin again quickly. It is in the time you spend feeling sorry for your mistakes that you only add to them. Be strong. Forgive first yourself and then you will be better able to forgive others. Be very firm but gentle with yourself. Take care. Things are going to go in high energy cycle now.

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