Answers Will Come in Meditation

        In your meditations when you have questions answers will come. You cannot expect however to sit down and receive an answer one day because for that one time you have meditated. You must train and relax the mind to a certain point by meditating regularly every day. Then automatically you become attuned to another energy cycle and receive higher knowledge through subtle channels.

        All our people must come together. They must be guided firmly but with total love and innocence. Elevation of soul comes only through purification of the mind. When one does not seek liberation one receives it by Grace. We are fortunate to have been given the easiest way.

      Do the disciplines as strictly as possible. However, I tell you, keep this goal in mind at all times. Utilise the power of Mantra. If it helps, consciously repeat the words "Be full of love". You will come to know so much so quickly. It will open doors for you, you never realised existed before.

      If one learns to curb these physical/sexual desires and channel the energy into SERVICE, creative expression through art, music and through KARMA YOGA and meditation, then the love of the material world of desires becomes less. Then the pull of physical attraction becomes less, and ultimately it is overshadowed by attraction to SPIRITUAL ENERGY IN ANOTHER PERSON. Then one can have the chance to meet another person more equal to their own spiritual development. The physical attraction becomes far less important. Such a union is likened to what is popularly called “soul mates”. This type of marriage has greatest chance at achieving harmony and balance with love and compassion for another person! The focus in such a marriage becomes not each other’s needs, but the needs of others. Such a union is wonderful, but one must first control one’s sex urges and one’s appetite for material things.

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