Agnihotra at the First Expo of Complementary Therapies, Santiago, Chile

Homa Technician Juan Rodríguez sent the following information:

"In Santiago, the First Expo of Complementary Therapies was established.

A Homa Therapy Stand was installed to demonstrate and disseminate the benefits of the Healing Ayurvedic Fires, as well as the benefits of Agnihotra ash and its application in medicines.

Homa Fires were done from the beginning of this event, practicing Agnihotra, Vyahruti Homas and Tryambakam Homa, which were demonstrated and practiced by volunteers. This was done for the benefit of the participants, who came for information and healing.

Heartfelt thanks to all the people who attended and to the volunteers who spread the love for Homa, especially Macarena Pilar, Ana Lidia, Cristian and Almendra Bello.      OM Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi".

Photos show the activities on the Homa Stand at the Expo for Complementary Therapies.

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