Mantra is a Powerful Tool

      Mantra is a powerful tool when used properly. Power is given through the Mantra. Do not miss meditation timings.

       Best is to cast no blame and seek for the answers why within. To blame another for a fate which has befallen you is to refuse to look within. Then how can you learn your lessons? You look from a higher perspective and you will realize there is no need to blame anyone. If it is too much to bear, lay it at Our Feet and it will be lifted from you.

         It is like inside there is a treasure chest full of diamonds and gold and you are asked simply to go inside and open it. You have been given the key and again reminded of that key. All you have to do is go inside and open the treasure chest. You continue looking outside for answer. Go inside and you find more than answers.

        You must get into the habit of smiling all the time. All the time smiling. It has a good effect on your mind, not to mention the joy you bring to others.

        Self development begins with a thorough investigation of “Who am I?” “What am I here for?” “How can I overcome my addictions, attitudes and mental blockages in order to fulfill my VIKARMA."

     Forgive, have no expectations and LIVE IN JOY. Think like a businessman in that he becomes more efficient, organized, time-conscious and the like, but focus must clearly remain on spiritual development. One has to conduct himself and lead the life by spiritual teachings and not what is done in the world of business and worldly affairs. It is easy to fall in the trap of success but to tread the spiritual path, effort is required.

       If there are any moments when sorrow takes hold or fear takes hold, let those moments be further and further between whenever you feel sad or afraid. Watch it. Do not catch hold of it. Simply watch. Then it will go. No one wants it. Periods of joy become longer and more and more frequent. Increase meditations together. Chanting together.

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