Fire Ceremony is Ancient

       Fire ceremony, as it is called in some places, is ancient. It is known to mankind all over the world. Many ancient cultures have long lost their fire rituals. In nearly every ancient civilization fire rituals of some kind were performed, generally for some kind of healing purposes. In old American Indian cultures certain tribes had ceremonial rites using fire as a spiritual force, source of energy and healing vibration. 

Much of this has been lost or distorted but still much literature remains and the elders themselves can be interviewed on such matters. In Africa, Asia, in some countries still it is practiced from old. So it is not new. It is very, very old healing. Let it be known now all over the world. All over the world again.

      If you are committed to do this work, then have goals to achieve and systems for achieving those goals.

       In the Bible, there is reference to the coming of the destruction. It is given in code. It is given, clearly given. It is time as told in the Bible. It is past time when destruction was to start.

There is no time. No time left for the planet.
Faith is to be rejuvenated.
Whole lands will be saved from destruction, cause of destruction being altered.
Rapid deterioration is evident. Still reversal is taking place due to YAJNYA in atmosphere.

People ask, "Will there be a nuclear war?" Certainly there will be some kind of war. Every day there is war, but all out nuclear war will not come. It will not come to this end. Still much work must be done to avert dangers now present in contamination of water, air, earth. This is the big killer – POLLUTION. We do not need nuclear attack. We are already exterminating whole species of animals, trees, our natural resources, streams, lakes and rivers. This is man’s destruction of his environment. So let us concern ourselves with the environment.

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