To Overcome Duality

                To overcome duality, one must merge the individual spirit with the Divine. That is done through a culmination of effort. There are times when little effort is required by some and seemingly endless efforts required by others. One must be attentive at all times to receive Divine guidance.

                We have our worldly responsibilities but now is a crucial time when you must conserve energy and use it in the right places.

                     Imagine you are a small child and you are stuck in the mud. Your father comes and gives you his hand. “Let me help you out of the mud.”
You say, “I want to stay here.”
“Because without this mud I am alone".

You see the ridiculous way in which the mind works. Any child would give the hand to the father and get free of this mud. Not that you are playing in the mud but are actually stuck in it. Trust the father. Then once you are free of this mud, you become cleansed just as a mother or a father would wash this small child. We are trying to lift you out of this mud. It is like a trap. One person is slave to his desires and illusions. The other one is slave to his emotions.

                 With your presentation of Homa Therapy be more focused, more direct but always employ this humor. It is truly a necessary ingredient on the spiritual path. So if you can bring joy at the same time you deliver a strong message to the people, then your instrument is truly serving the Divine Will.

               Always be humble. Do not let the ego stake its claim. You are becoming stronger in the Light.

               This is best time for intense Swadhyaya. Help each other with love and support. See each other’s purpose, stumbling blocks, strengths and weaknesses and the gifts you have to give to the people.

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