Dr Miroslaw Haber, Nuclear Physicist, Discusses Radioactivity Experiment Conducted in 1987

The interview with Dr Miroslaw Haber, Nuclear Physicist, was conducted in German by Reiner Szcypior on 3 January, 2012. Below is a transcript in English.
Reiner: The recording is on.
Prof. Haber: The basic premise of the experiment was to neutralize radioactivity with ancient technologies or techniques.

According to today’s knowledge we cannot decontaminate isotopes, that is radioactive substances, the half life is something else, something natural. Science today cannot neutralize radioactive substances.

Goal of this experiment we were talking about with Homa Therapy Agnihotra with all the Gurus, under special circumstances, configuration of pyramids, time, distances etc. They got radioactive substances and put them into the Agnihotra fire, high doses, very dangerous.

It was fascinating to see that the ashes of these radioactive substances were NOT more radioactive.

Mr. Shree and Mr. Vasant said that this will happen and we wanted to verify it with today’s laws of physics. And it really was no longer radioactive.
These papers are the data of the experiments. (Reiner presented a few papers of the early experiment 1987).

That means an experiment; we take something from the reactor Radium, Strontium, does not matter what and mix it together. It was very dangerous and after Agnihotra all the materials were non-radioactive.

Summary: The experiment has shown that radioactive substances are neutralized after Agnihotra Fire.