Satsang Volume 45 No 4

Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya Summer 2017

Summer at Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya was rich with visitors from many countries, including United States, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, China, Hungary, India, Turkey, Thailand, Israel, Chile, Brazil, Holland, Italy, Romania, and Poland! As always, there was a lively interchange of ideas and experiences, as well as healing received from the many fires performed here daily. We truly are One World.

Jarek teaching Agnihotra to a group from Thailand and Bali.

We were blessed with enthusiastic volunteers from around the world as well, who learned hands-on Homa Organic gardening, happily participating in Agnihotra and Yajnyas. All worked in our bountiful Homa organic gardens filled with veggies, varying from broccoli to pumpkin, corn to tomatoes and a myriad of herbs. Our gardens never cease to amaze even us, as our soil was previously laboratory-tested as so poor that nothing would grow. We continually realize firsthand the wonders of Homa to balance Nature.

Our always helpful 2017 volunteers.
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