No arguments. No quarrels. All the time go out of the way to complement each other. Make positive comments about the other person. Care for each other’s needs. Concentrate on pleasing the other one. Spend time together. Concentrate on showing each other love and appreciation. Never harsh words. Heal each other physically, emotionally, spiritually. All levels. Do not hold back the love, affection, the caring. All the time practice this. Go to the extreme to compliment and honor each other. Do this.

    Release hold you have on all possessions. Allow yourself to be innocent. This can be done when you have faith that you will not be harmed. It is fear which blocks us every step of the way.

    We are now entering a new phase during which those who are working in the healing arts, and connected in particular with Agnihotra fires, are going to receive more Light, more clarity. As fear eclipses truth shall rise. Truly this is the point of change, turning point which has been predicted since times of Bible, Koran and Talmud. Just as with the world situation those in affluence and comfort become more lazy, more complacent until something great happens to shock them into the reality, that includes the whole world and not just their small family and circle of friends.
Similarly on spiritual path one can feel comfortable, everything fine. One does one’s practices and goes on living the normal life when suddenly an illness strikes or financial loss or any other trauma comes. Then suddenly one embraces ones faith. But inner strength is not born of necessity, product of fear or desperation. True faith is to be cultivated and strengthened.

    If one sees God in every person, nothing more is necessary in terms of effort. It is ALL GRACE. Grace lifts you up.

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