Homa Therapy in Ukraine

The Whole World Centre in Kiev had invited me to teach Agnihotra and Homa Therapy. I had met several leading members of that centre during the Summer Camp of Whole World Organization on an island of the Volga River in July earlier this year.

On Dec. 7 I arrived in Kiev and from the airport we drove directly to the center where approximately thirty people had gathered for a meeting. I gave a general introduction to Homa Therapy but especially laid stress on Agnihotra Ash medicines. Kiev is only 160 kilometers away from Chernobyl, so the effects of the explosion of that nuclear reactor are definitely there and all over Ukraine and Belarus.

More than ten years ago one physicist from Eastern Europe had a vision of how to help these people. He said that all our food is going to be radioactive; even medicine will be radioactive. But he had found out that Agnihotra ash is not radioactive (of course, the natural radioactivity which exists for millions of years on this planet is there, but no increased man-made radioactivity) and that this Agnihotra ash contains all the ninety-two natural elements.

He suggested that everybody should eat some Agnihotra ash, preferably before every meal. Then the body would take the micro-elements like iodine which it needs from the Agnihotra ash and later on, when we eat food which is radioactive to some extent, the body would not absorb the radioactive micro-elements from the food. He recommended preparing Agnihotra ash tablets and distributing them free of charge to the people. This project is still in preparation so I suggested that people eat a little bit of their own Agnihotra ash as protection against the negative effects of radioactivity.

We held a four-day intensive seminar on the different aspects of Homa Therapy, especially Homa Farming, Agnihotra Ash medicines, and the use of Homa Therapy in Psychotherapy and De-addiction Programme. A small group of people participated, but experience has shown that people who have attended such a seminar will be very helpful in getting others interested and teaching them Agnihotra, and they often help to organize future meetings. From one of the participants, Sergey Lyakhowski, I have already received an invitation to Khmelnitsky, a town in the west of Ukraine. He has an Ayurvedic café there and thinks of starting an Ayurvedic vegetarian restaurant and also growing Homa vegetables for this restaurant! I suggested that Jarek Bizberg of Oasis Healing Centre in Wysoka, Poland come with me to teach all the Homa Farming methods in detail.

When I talked about Homa Therapy in Psychotherapy and for Spiritual Development, Dr. Eduard Pomitkin and his wife Luba attended the seminar. They are both psychologists and Eduard’s special interest is spiritual development. Right now he is writing some scientific book on this subject. It was interesting to have them in the seminar.

At the same time I met with scientists in order to prepare some experiments on Agnihotra and radioactivity. First meeting was with Dr. Yuriy Yakovenko, a nuclear physicist whom I had met at the Volga summer camp. His special field of work is cold fusion. He does not work experimentally, so he arranged a meeting with his friend, Dr. Volodymyr Thykhyy, who is a specialist in radioactivity and also has access to the necessary equipment for making measurements.

I told Volodymyr what I heard from Vasant Paranjpe: that according to the Vedic knowledge, the process of Agnihotra has the capacity to neutralize radioactivity, although this does not fit into the normal picture which modern science has about the process of fire. According to that, fire only changes the composition of atoms into different molecules, but it does not affect at all the elements themselves. But this is exactly the level on which radioactivity takes place. We have to accept that this theory from the Vedas is not in accordance with modern science, but also, according to modern science, changing the water solubility of phosphorus is a difficult thing to achieve. You need heated sulfur acid (and this is a rather dirty process). Still, it could be proven that with Agnihotra ash you can achieve the same thing rather effortlessly. If the Vedas prove right against modern science in this case, why should it not be possible also in the case of radioactivity?

Volodymyr is an open-minded scientist and he accepted this way of thinking. He was ready for a simple test and he told us that berries are a good object for experiments, as they pick up much more radioactivity from the soil than apples, for example, or other fruits. (Mushrooms would be also good.) In his lab he found some quantity of radioactive berries which were picked in the area of Chernobyl a few years after the accident. He divided this quantity into four samples: two control, two experiment. The samples for experiment I surrounded with Agnihotra ash, but alas, they could not touch the ash directly as Volodymyr had sealed all the samples in some small plastic bags and numbered them for clear identification (so measurement of the samples becomes a “blind experiment” as only I knew which of the samples were experiment, and which were control).

Then I placed the glass with Agnihotra ash containing the two experimental samples near the pyramid for three consecutive Agnihotras. Of course, also this was not the best situation. Ideally, we would have been able to do this in some Agnihotra fire temple, where the energy of some years of Agnihotra is already built up. But anyway, in the situation on this trip this was the best thing I could think of.

One day after I met with Volodymyr, a second scientist came to meet me, Dr. Vyacheslav Lukaninchuk of the Ecology Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He had heard about Agnihotra from Andrej, one of the organizers of my lecture in Kiev, and about its possible effect on reducing radioactivity. He brought me two samples: one contained soil from Chernobyl, the second a powder of plants from the same area. Both were radioactive, of course. These samples I treated in the same way as those given by Volodymyr.

Vyacheslav told me that if there were interesting results he could give me an official report issued and stamped on behalf of the Ukrainian Academy of Science. So this, of course, would be a big step forward.

My idea was to go to Chernobyl also but the whole area now is off limits. You cannot come closer than thirty kilometers. The closest town open to the public now is Slavoutich, which was built after the accident to house the people who were evacuated from Chernobyl and those who came from all the parts of then Soviet Union to help the cleanup operations.

Galina, a meteorologist who also works in the Chernobyl cleanup project, and who is head of the Roerich society of the town, had organized a meeting which more than thirty people attended. On the first evening I gave a general introduction, again stressing Agnihotra ash medicines and its use for neutralizing the effects of radioactivity. Alas, the meeting could be held only at 8 P.M. as most people are working and sunset here was 3:41 P.M., so I could not show Agnihotra. But I performed Vyahruti Homa and people were getting calm and really liked it. We decided to have another meeting the next day.

That afternoon Tanjy came to the flat where I was staying, as she could not come that evening since she works nights. She had some more questions about Agnihotra so we had a nice conversation and she and Nina, the interpreter who came with her, stayed till evening Agnihotra.

Then Tanja decided she wanted to start Agnihotra and she got the necessary utensils. She works as a watchman just opposite the old accident reactor (the “sarcophagus” as they call it, as it is covered all over by a layer of concrete) and she had the idea to perform Agnihotra in the morning over there just near the accident site! I took this as a very good sign for the future work in this area.

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