Agnihotra in Jamaica

While planning our vacation to Jamaica, it was suggested that we visit farmers in Ja­maica and talk to them about Homa Farming as the solution to Sigatoka Negra and other food crop diseases. I was not sure that I would be comfortable teaching (or showing) Homa Farming/Agnihotra to anyone, especially to my fellow Jamaicans, whom I imag­ined would think I had gone mad and were practicing some form of witch­craft/obeah.

And then I would be comforted by words I had read. It reads something like: “When the Master suggests that you do something, the way has al­ready been made possible and essentially the ‘thing’ is already done. The Master doesn’t need us to do anything for Him. The act of doing the suggested act is for our liberation only!”

So, with that in mind, I set out to make preparations and incorporate the idea into my vacation plans. I called my friend, Dean, in Jamaica and asked him if he knew where the farmers were near the villa in Discovery Bay (where we would be staying). He said he did and, “No problem, Dimples. I’ll take you there.” I couldn’t believe how smoothly that offer to help went!

Then, I remembered that I would need dried cow dung. I thought, “How am I going to approach this, staying in a private resort/villa!?!” I called my friend again – really ner­vous. I thought for sure he would think I had lost my mind. I explained about needing dried cow dung for doing the ‘thing’ I needed to show the farmers. He said, “No problem, Dimples. In fact, I am going to collect some when I hang up the phone and save until you come to Jamaica.” I could not believe what I was hearing!!! He did not ask why, where or how!

Every time I allowed my mind to create obstacles, I called my friend, Dean, and he would say, “No prob­lem, Dimples…”

With Frank Nelson’s help I collected literature on Sigatoka Negra in Jamaica, Homa Farming and Agnihotra. We made tapes of Agnihotra mantras and made several video tapes of the HBO special on Homa Farming in Peru. Frank gave me several pyramids and books, and loaned me a GPS (Global Positioning System) instrument to determine sunrise/sunset for each different location.

We arrived in Jamaica on July 22, 2003. The first thing I did after arriving at the villa was to obtain a GPS reading for the villa. I called Frank with the numbers and in a couple of hours we were faxed a sunrise/sunset timesheet. I could begin to do Agnihotra without missing a beat… Of course, my friend delivered a large box of dried cow dung for the occasion. Talk about a smooth flow!

On July 24, we went to the farming area in St. Ann. Beautiful country, high in the hills. I met with my friend’s parents, whose father was a small farmer. They were quite receptive to the Homa Farming information. I learned that cabbage plants were being destroyed at a rapid rate by “worms”. They seemed to think these worms were different because of how quickly they could eat a cabbage plant. The chemical that was used to spray the plants was proving to be quite costly and not very effective in stopping the invasion of these worms. The cost of everything was an issue. The turnover of food crops, especially yams, was not fast enough to keep up with the daily ex­penses.

I was introduced to a more successful farmer, I was told. He, too, seemed to be receptive to the idea of Homa Farming. I left several pieces of literature with him and also a video on Homa Farming in Peru.

After taking a GPS reading of the area, we left and headed down the small, dark streets to the villas in Discovery Bay, 1 1/2 hours away. We promised to return the following Tuesday to do sunset Agnihotra.

The following Tuesday we arrived several hours before sunset. Children drifted in and out of the yard, and at the time of sunset Agnihotra there were more curious on­lookers. One farmer, whom I presumptuously thought was an “ideal candidate” because he appeared to have the means to buy ghee and rice and was located in what I thought was a strategic position to benefit the entire area, did not show up for Agnihotra as prom­ised. In fact, I thought he was hiding from me. I was mo­men­tarily disappointed… And, then I am reminded, everything is as it should be.

When the Agnihotra fire went out and the pyra­mid was smoking, the father (farmer) had all the children put their faces over the smoke. He put his face and his wife also put her face over the smoke.

The occasion was a festive and joyous one. The father thanked us profusely. He seemed genuinely pleased and happy. They left for evening church and we made our way down the small dark streets to home – the villas. I felt such a wonderful feeling of accom­plishment. I felt grateful to have shared this knowledge with these loving and humble people.

In between the first and the second visit to the farm in the hills, I met and taught a man who called himself an herbalist and a coun­se­lor. I met with him on two occasions in two different locations: (a) his workplace and (b) his home, and obtained GPS readings for these locations and subsequently sunrise/sunset timesheets (from Frank) for him to continue doing Agnihotra. I left him all the tools and information he would need. His eagerness was overwhelming!!

On another day we set out to meet a woman in another parish (state), Manchester, to teach Agnihotra and talk about Homa Farming. As we approached sunset and the meeting time, the woman called and told us that she was called out of the parish of Manchester and she was on her way to the City of Kingston. She wanted to know if we could return the next day… We could not. My friend did all the driving which was a couple of hours away and not very easy driving (hills and valleys and small streets). I am still in touch with this woman. Maybe next time we will get to­gether.

A couple of days before we left Jamaica, my friend Dean expressed interest in learning Agnihotra. I, with my limited thinking, did not think Dean would have much interest or time for Agnihotra. I showed him Agnihotra and left a pyramid and all the tools he would need with him. He tells me that he has done Agnihotra since we left.

When we got back to Baltimore, Mike, our young friend and neighbor who went on the va­cation with us ex­pressed interest in Agnihotra. He has been coming over to our house to do sunset Agnihotra. He told me that he mentally put his es­tranged brothers in the Agnihotra fire and was sur­prised when the brothers came together in a positive way. Already, he says he can tell the difference when Agnihotra is absent.

I am happy to have been given the oppor­tu­nity to share and serve. I hope I did all that I could to fulfill the suggestion.

I am thankful that my husband was such a gracious helper and I give thanks for all his help. He was there every step of the way.

With love!

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