Transformation of Mind

            Transformation of mind comes even with very little effort. Have faith. Do not judge. Have patience. Do not find fault. Have humility. Be grateful. All the time grateful.

           Only thing you can do is to improve yourself. You cannot work out another person’s Karma. Even if you see exactly what must be done for that person to improve – whether quitting pot, improving eating habits, etc. – still you cannot do it for him. All you can do is work on yourself.

              Wedding is a very sacred rite. Marriage is sacred. Marriage vows are not to be taken lightly. Always honor and respect each other. Never use harsh tone or voice. Never criticize or blame too quickly. Always look to the positive side of all situations.

             Marriage is sacred. Enter into it with feet clean. Wash the feet. Do not bring past impressions into this marriage. Look past any imperfections in form or personality. Just love each other. When you judge on the physical level you are not really seeing the inner beauty. This is more self-destructive than it is destructive of the one you love.

              Let the love between you be healing and thus it frees you both. This love is very powerful healer. It heals both. More than that it creates healing in others.

                YAJNYA effects are now amplified. Fifteen minutes of Yajnya is completely rejuvenating and the healing effects of Yajnya and Agnihotra are now amplified to the highest degree. You will notice change in the atmosphere instantly after fire is done.

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