Rudra Yajnya at Homa farm in Tenjo, Colombia

Maria Teresa Nunez wrote from her Homa farm in Tenjo:
“I’m sending you some photos of the Rudra Yajnya, which was headed by Julian Acosta at the summer solstice and the full moon of July 8th on the Tenjo Homa farm.

It is very beautiful to see how people respond and come to the Homa fires from Bogota on a weekday. People understand that the power of the Homa fires is enormous and they know that no effort is too big in order to receive its wonderful blessings.”

“You can also see the little organic Homa store, managed by Olguita and the organic vegetarian restaurant, managed by Liz, Karen and Daniel. These services are becoming stronger, since they offer the possibility of feeding and nourishing our body well and above all, filling it with joy and harmony in a sacred place such as the Homa farm in Tenjo is.”

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