Sunset Agnihotra at Chajed Home in Amalner, India

Mr Subhash Chandra Chajed 72 years old and his wife, Mrs Kusum Chajed 68 years old. Mr Subhash is suffering from diabetes and hypertension. Mrs Kusum suffers from sciatica.

We suggested that they perform Agnihotra at sunset & sunrise. They immediately started performing Agnihotra.

After a month they came to us looking very happy. They told us that now neither of them need to take any kind of medication for anything. They are feeling more love, peace, & harmony among their family members.

They requested us to come to their place and perform Agnihotra. So Mr. Abhay Paranjpe, Sanjay Patil and Mr. & Mrs. Dilip Patil & our 4yr old daughter Vedika all went there to perform sunset Agnihotra. The family members were very happy.

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