First Self-Study

    First self-study. Examine yourself. Then comes the prescription. First self-examination. Then solution. You are trying to do the solution without fully understanding the problem.

     All the time temptation for the senses is there. One must not only not fall for the temptations but steer clear of it. If he pursues women then it is certain he will fall.

He is aware of it. You are to help him all the time, For this, honesty is required. At the same time, it helps you. Due to TAPA your desire has been greatly lifted. The same can be done to him but greater effort is required now. Do not flirt with danger. It is time when all great work can be actualized. At such a time the temptation is also strong. So stay near each other and increase your meditations together. Be strong, both of you. TIME OF GREATNESS IS NOW.

         When we ask that you look over your day, how your actions affect others, check your attachments, expectations, it is Swadhyaya, self study.

        To make an effort to correct behavior is good Karma. To discipline the mind, what is required is Tapa. When you observe yourself and look over the day, do not criticize yourself. Do not berate yourself. Simply look at it honestly. If you have erred, then best to act in a forgiving way with yourself. Learn from your mistakes. If it is through speech you have erred, practice Tapa. For example, “Think before you speak.” If it is thought, try to examine your thoughts. ONE CANNOT PROGRESS WITHOUT LOOKING WITHIN.

        When a married couple does this practice of Swadhyaya each night, you can sometimes share your realization with the other person, if this helps. It may not be necessary, but at other times it may be helpful. This promotes honest communication between the partners. If children learn to practice Swadhyaya in this way, they will have their own check and balance system.

        It is a time of change. It is a time when powerful forces intermingle. Everything is intensified now.

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