Spiritual Path

When the forgetfulness comes that ‘I and my father are one’ then ‘I am the body’ consciousness pervades everything. And then all the time body is trying to get what we call pleasure through sense organs then the body begins to feel security only in this pleasure. That means the body gets more and more attached to persons and to material things in this world. And unless that attachment is broken there is not going to be happiness.

If you know then the mind begins to intellectualize and the purity is clouded over.

Thoughts are seeds we put into the atmosphere. If your thoughts are of love then you help to purify the atmosphere. Love knows no boundaries, no limitations. Do not fear. All your fears will be wiped out by truth.

Answers to these and many questions come in time. Slowly you will come to realise blessings in daily life. Your needs will be fulfilled. Have no fear. Set aside fear and let your heart be filled with His Love. Silence. Answers to come now in silence.

You must do the best you can under all situations. If someone speaks bad about you remain silent. Don’t become angry. When you become angry you throw away the power given to you by Shree. Keep silent when you feel anger. You must train yourself. Proper diet will of course make a difference.

Understanding can come in a moment. It is not all the intellect. It is not all analysis. Understanding requires that one be willing to see his part in a given situation, thereby breaking through resistance, allowing oneself clarity of vision that results in a deeper understanding.

All the time have Mantra on your lips, all the time. Do not become thrown to and from every day by troubles in life. At least say, "For this trouble I am deeply grateful, as this is my Karma and it shall no longer anger me, but humble me." Then the whole thing changes. You can reverse your negative life Karma. Try it.

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