Mónica Roció Chuez Morán | Breast Cancer

(Photo: Mónica Roció with Dr. Jaime Montufar)

Mónica Roció Chuez Morán
Guayaquil, Ecuador,
South America

    I’m 52 years old. I was diagnosed with cancer in my left breast in April last year. Then, I started with chemotherapy. I had 9 chemotherapy sessions from July to January. But in May, the tumor appeared again and began to grow.

They used to do chemo sessions every 21 days, but then they started doing it every seven days.
My husband met Dr. Luis Carriel from Vinces and so we started going to his farm, which is called ‘La Zenaida’, to do Homa Therapy on weekends. I was also taking chlorine dioxide (MMS). But since I could not travel so often this far distance, Dr. Carriel referred me to Dr. Jaime Montufar in Guayaquil. Now I have more or less 2 months attending Agnihotra every day with Dr. Montufar.
I now no longer go to the hospital of SOLCA. (This is “La Sociedad de Lucha Contra el Cáncer = The Society Against Cancer.)
With chemotherapy, I was devastated. I was tired and spent all day in bed. My stomach was loose, and I could not sleep. My head burned a lot all night.
I was getting weaker and weaker and I could not do anything.

Now, I take Agnihotra ash and participate in the Agnihotra Fire, I sleep very well. I also have feel animated to do everything. I have no pain in my breast and the tumor has not reappeared. Homa Therapy helps me a lot and I continue my Homa treatment with Dr. Montufar."

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