Misery Loves Company

             When you become more aware of things around you, you know things automatically. Still one must be still. For example we may be aware of what you are thinking but if you do not tell us we do not have the right to intervene. We can say some things to give indication but we cannot say directly. It is like that both in thought and action at a certain stage.

      Then other things happen once you rise a little higher. People begin to tell you everything they are thinking, feeling. Then you have even greater responsibility to guide, to listen, to comfort, to heal. BUT NOT INTERFERE.

      What is required is total commitment. It is not only ‘doing the work,’ that is required now; increase people’s awareness and help to bring this Holy Fire everywhere. It is even more than that.

Growth brings wisdom for you and much joy. But never expect it. Just be the LOVE.

           Yoga is most beneficial for body’s systems, rejuvenating if done correctly Yoga can slow down the aging process.

            Let go of all the pain and confusion which keeps you in a constant state of misery. Then misery loves company. So you are drawn to situations that feed that misery. Let it go now.

       He is in intense debilitating depression. Help him release all pain, all anger and begin to rebuild his life in service. He has to work internally. You be like his guardian angel, like a mother watching a small child. Heal him.

            When one is told for example “Grace will provide”, one can choose to sit back and wait for grace to operate without making much effort. Then, that is essentially expectation and not ‘surrender’. Then one can always blame the Almighty if his goal is not actualized that is if in his mind Grace has not provided for him. Grace always will provide but better you make honest efforts in the direction of higher goals. Then automatically Grace is activated by that effort. That effort is Love thy neighbor as thyself.

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