Fever, Hot Flushes & Co.

Do you sweat a lot? Do you sweat too much?

Is it a general weakness, which makes me sweat at first and then makes me feel cold? Am I overweight so that too much heat is retained and the temperature cannot be balanced as precisely and easily by the body? Do I have an infection and the body fights it with fever? Am I in menopause, which may cause a hormonal adjustment and change in my internal balance?

If someone is sweating often and for too long, this may put a burden on the body. But we can help to create balance. For this, it is very important to pay attention to sufficient supply of magnesium. Through sweating, the body loses a lot of magnesium, and if it is not getting enough supply, it’s easy to get leg cramps, muscle cramps, micro-vascular spasms, pain in arms or legs and it can even lead to a heart attack. Yes, the heart is a muscle, and if there is too little magnesium available, it may lead to heart problems. For example, it was found in studies that patients with heart attacks often had too little magnesium available in their metabolism. So we can support the body very well, if we take enough magnesium (for example, by taking for 5 days 300 mg magnesium daily, the magnesium deposit of the body can be replenished). With our food we often do not get enough magnesium, so we can complement it with Agnihotra ash powder and stone powder or spirulina mixed in water. This adds easily and quickly the essential vitamins and minerals to the body, which can quickly be lost through too much sweating. The body needs these to stay healthy.

At the same, time we can also help the body to remain balanced, so that excessive sweating is no longer necessary. Of course, it always helps to start with the cause of the sweat. For example with stress issues, we need to learn to be more organized; when suffering from weakness it is good to sleep a lot and ensure a better balance in our life style in order to strengthen our system; with hormonal changes we can take plant hormones or similar products to ensure a better hormonal balance, etc.

An overall good supplement is the medicinal plant called elderberry (Sambucus nigra)! We may prepare from elderberry flowers (fresh or dried) a herbal tea or a juice pressed from elderberries or prepare some elderberry jam. Or we can take the homeopathic Sambucus globules. If we want a quick fix, then the following is important: the first three days and precisely every hour take 3 Sambucus globules or a cup of elderberry tea or pressed elderberry juice or elderberry jam with a pinch of Agnihotra ash powder! Elderberry is very gentle and it needs to be taken in the first three days in concentrated form in order to be sufficiently present in the body. From the fourth day on we can reduce its intake to 4 x daily (morning, afternoon, evening and before bed). Elderberry is a plant with a lot of vitality and it contains strong healing power!