How to Express One’s Feelings Clearly

           How to express one’s feelings clearly without emotions? There are techniques. One is breathing. One is to use agency of fire to release and transform negative emotions. Never anger.

            You must do the best you can under all situations. If someone speaks bad about you, remain silent. Don’t become angry. Keep silent when you feel anger. You must train yourself. Proper diet of course will make a difference.

              Planetary destruction at bay. Last chance for the planet. All the Devas surround the places of fire. Safe havens. The whole atmosphere is charged. It is like the new dawn. It is all bliss, all love.

          Our oxygen supply is dwindling as is our food supply. We have to emphasize the growing of food as well as the environmental impact of saving the planet.

          Through Swadhyaya, self study, you come to know what character weaknesses you have and then get out to rid yourself of them. However just like an unwelcome guest they often prove difficult to get rid of. Still, without closing the eyes to these character weaknesses, you can release the hold they have on you by strengthening the opposite. For example if someone has a tendency towards selfishness one practices more Daan. If one has problems with anger one practices Tapa of speech, like that. Concentrate less on your weaknesses without pretending they do not exist or denying them when they are called up. Therefore learn to accept yourself as and where you are. Let the Divine lift you out of the crocodile jaws.

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