Homa Therapy Spreading in Paraguay

 We arrived in Asunción, Paraguay thanks to an invitation from Mr. Andreas y la Mrs. Ulla. Mrs. Brigitte Fuzellier (photo: the blond lady in front of the Fire), our hostess in San Lorenzo, took us immediately to meet some farmers and talk to them about the effects of Homa Therapy.
(Photo right: Agnihotra with farmers.)

Mrs. Brigitte, along with Dr. Joaquín Echagüe, talked about Homa Therapy to the public through weekly interviews with Prof. Abel and Aleta on their radio program “Cambalache”.
Photo left:
First Homa Healing session in Asunción / San Lorenzo in Mrs. Brigitte Fuzellier’s front yard.

Agnihotra presentations, meetings, sessions and lessons were organized every Monday.

 Photos above and right:
Sharing and teaching Agnihotra in Nuevo Colombia. We got to know groups of people from different countries – Germany, Austria, Poland, etc. – living in beautiful Paraguay. Several of them are now Agnihotra practitioners.

More and more people interested in Homa Therapy came to learn, experience and started practicing this ancient healing technique from the Vedas.

Photos above: Agnihotra in the garden / courtyard of Mrs. Brigitte in San Lorenzo.
Photos below: Agnihotra sessions with Nature in Monte Pacará.

      Healing Homa meetings in the doctor’s office of  Naturopath Dr. Joaquín Echagüe and his wife, Dr. Nilsa Noemí Ibarrola Arce.
(Photo above right shows the couple during their first Agnihotra practice.)
Photos below:
Various weekly meetings in the graceful garden of Mrs. Brigitte Fuzellier. From the very beginning, attendees experienced relief and healing of their pain and health problems.
Thus, the group is growing as is the number of Agnihotra practitioners.

  Photo right and below:
Sharing, presenting and practicing Agnihotra fire in the office of Naturopath Dr. Joaquín Echagüe and his wife, Dr. Nilsa, Endocrinologist and their friends.

 Photos right: Ana Lis from Argentina; Christian and his parents in Uruguay.
We want to thank all the people who have supported and made possible that the message of Homa Therapy has reached more people in Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay. It was received as a message of Hope in these times of tumults and challenges.

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