Conversations with Trees

It was a gorgeous, sparkling, full moon day at Bhrugu Aranya, the lovely Homa Organic farm in Wysoka, Poland. With a lot of dedication and commitment, the healing fires of Agnihotra and Yajnya have been performed there daily for nearly thirteen years. Jarek Bizberg, president of Terapia Homa Foundation, and his wife, Parvati, began the farm in 1995. Since then, others have joined them, their families have grown, and they have a thriving international Homa community.

Upon entering this property one can feel the energy of the nature elements, which are very alive and deeply felt.Ii was moved to tears as I witnessed Parvati’s ability to communicate with two trees on her farm. This experience was a true wake-up call for me, as I saw first-hand how intimately connected we are with Nature and how truly sensitive Mother Earth actually is. Since this experience, these two trees are lovingly known as Sister Willow and Mr Gingko.

Three years ago, the Mother Mary pond, just down from the wooden fire temple, was lovingly installed by the brilliantly creative Anne Godfrey from Australia who had come for a visit. She bought beautiful willow trees, flowering bushes and plants from a nursery nearby and developed a mini-paradise. This spring, since most of the efforts have been focused on the vegetable and herb gardens, the Mary pond was in need of a little attention. I had noticed that from both benches, due to the tall plantings, you could not see the pond, much less the statue of Mother Mary. The only solution was to move a small Salix tree (a sweet willow) to the back of the pond. Since it was not the best time of the year to do so, I asked Parvati if she would ask the tree what she wanted. Below is the conversation that ensued.

Parvati touched the tree trunk with one hand and caressed her leaves with the other, became silent, and connected with the gentle, variegated tree.

Parvati: Hello. We wanted to check with you to see if it is okay with you for us to move you to the other side of the pond.

Sister Willow: That would be better, because I cannot breathe well here. (the willow was partially under a large apple tree’s extended branches.) Over there I would be closer to my sister (another willow much like this one). My sister is much stronger than I am. So, when you move me, you must take great care.

Parvati: Oh we will! We will make sure, but today is full moon. Is today okay?

Sister Willow: Better tomorrow. Tomorrow at the earliest.

Parvati: Okay. We will do it tomorrow and we will be very careful.

Sister Willow: Okay, I trust you.

The next day, after the sun cooled down, a large hole was dug in the new spot at the back of the pond. Compost was mixed with native soil and Agnihotra ash, mantras were chanted and then the hole was watered deeply. We closely communicated with our little willow, to let her know what we were going to do before we did it. With great care and Rory’s help, we chanted mantras as we dug up the tree and moved her to her new spot. We settled her in and gave her a lot of water.

Parvati came down to visit her the next morning. She sat on one of the benches and commented on how much better the pond looked with Sister Willow in her new location.

Parvati: How are you? (Parvati noticed Willow was very quiet, breathing softly)

Sister Willow: Sleepy.

Parvati: Are you okay?

Sister Willow: Yes, I can breathe better.

Parvati: Do you need Biosol? (Bbiosol is a special organic fertilizer made with Agnihotra ash. Ed.)

Sister Willow: Not right now. Maybe at the end of the day. I am resting.

Parvati: Are you feeling weak?

Sister Willow: Not weak at all. Just sleepy

Parvati: Anything you need?

Sister Willow: No, just time.

Parvati: You look lovely.

Sister Willow: I am happy here.

Parvati: Good. Thank you. We love you

After a period of adjustment, Sister Willow is doing fine. Mary’s pond continues to be a source of peace and harmony, a place women often meet to chant and hold healing circles.

Since we were already at the pond, we thought that the gingko tree, which sat in a five gallon pot, may be ready for planting. This young tree had been in the ground before, but had been accidentally hit by a tractor last summer. It had been dug up and re-potted, so it could be nursed back to health. Parvati wanted to ask if it was ready to be planted, and where.

Parvati became silent, held the gingko’s trunk, and tuned into the small potted tree. The conversation that followed was relayed to us, as we stood nearby.

Parvati: Hi, sweetheart,

Mr. Ginko: I happen to be a male.

Parvati: Oh, sorry. We wanted to see if you would like to be planted.

Mr. Ginko: Yes, yes, but I need to be safe.

Parvati: Yes, I know that you had a very traumatic experience. We will be certain that you are safe.

Mr. Ginko: Here by the pond would be lovely, but it needs to be in an area that is safe. Perhaps put a fence around me. Up the hill where they do the fires would also be good. Let her decide. (He indicated Patricia)

I walked up the hill with Mr. Gingko and chose the northeast side of the Yajnya Shala, in the foreground of the wooden fence. From this spot he has an overview of the concentric circle vegetable garden and the Tatra Mountains in the distance, and can soak in the healing energies of Om Tryambakam Yajnya performed daily in the Shala. Parvati arrived to check on him.

Parvati: How would you like it here? This is in an area that is out of the way and you have this fence here to protect you. Do you like it here?

Mr. Ginko: Ahhhh! This would be fine, but could you still put a fence around me?

Parvati: Well, you have a fence right here (indicating the existing fence behind him). Would that be okay?

Mr. Ginko: Another one around me would be good so they can see me.

Parvati: How big? This big? (Parvati showed the height of 3 feet with her hand.) This big ? (showing 2 feet.)

Mr. Gingko: Yes, that would be fine.

Parvati: We’ll put some rocks around you too for further protection. Do you like more acid or alkaline soil?

Mr. Gingko: A balance would be okay. But the fence won’t keep the children out, will it?

Parvati: Oh, of course the children will visit you. When do you want to be planted?

Mr. Gingko: Today would be good.

Parvati: Okay. We will do it tonight.

Mr. Gingko: (softly) And don’t forget the fence.

Mr. Gingko was planted on a berm that evening with compost, Agnihotra ash and Mantra. Large rocks and low wooden fencing were placed around him for protection. When Parvati came later to check on him, he said he was very tired and she could sense very slow and shallow breathing.

The next day Parvati returned for a visit. Mr.Gingko was very happy and continues to be a joyous tree, with new little flowers which were planted beside him to keep him company. The children visit him regularly.

“In ancient Indian cultures and Aboriginal cultures of many lands, humans spoke to and received guidance from energy spirits, earth spirits, Devas, plants, animals, stones and all of Nature. They consulted the wind, the rain, the Earth, the sun, the moon, and had a higher awareness than most nuclear physicists have after years of study and scientific knowledge! From these ancient cultures, knowledge was passed on to their tribes. Much has been lost in colonization and integration of these ancient peoples into modern society. However, this information is locked into the minerals, the stones, the land and elements of nature. That information is accessible now, as the vibrations on your planet have become more subtle and frequency of vibration has changed. Indeed, this is why the ancient sciences, ancient cures, are now being rediscovered, and a return to natural sources for healing is the only way for the future.”
(from Orion Transmissions Prophecy received by Parvati)

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